Georgia's world is full of nutty and bizarre people. Some are listed below

The Ace Gang

  • Jas (Jasmine) - Georgia's exasperatingly annoying, but endearing, best friend. Prone to rambling on - annoys Georgia by talking about nature and her boyfriend Tom a.k.a. Hunky (brother of Robbie). She is also known as 'Radio Jas' and is constantly telling everyone Georgia's secrets. She is the 'sensible' one in the Ace Gang, often taking her work seriously. Her middle name is Pollyanna, because her mother liked the film. She wears enormous pantaloonies. In the first book she has a brother, however later in the series she denies this, the same is true for Ellen
  • Rosie (Rosemary) - A close friend of Georgia. A Viking bride-to-be. Much like her boyfriend Sven, she is 'not entirely normal'. This is verified by the fact that Rosie carries around a fake beard and a pipe at all times. Also known for her eccentric dancing. Referred to as wearing glasses several times during the first book. Has been called Rosemary Barnes as her last name and rosemary/rosie mees as a nickname.
  • Jools (Julia)*not included in the movie adaptation* - A friend of Georgia. Good in an emergency e.g. usually has a secret lippy supply. Currently dating Rollo.
  • Ellen - A close, and rather dim, friend of Georgia, who is known for dithering. She went out with Dave the Laugh (for eight and a half minutes), and after he dumped her, still had feelings for him, but at the end of 'Luuurve is a Many Trousered Thing' seemed to go off him a little in favour of one of his friends, Dec. When discussing Rosies Viking wedding, she is told she should work out, so maybe she is overweight. In "Stop in the name of pants!" she starts dating Declan.
  • Mabs (Mabel)*also not included in the movie adaptation* - A friend of Georgia. Is currently single but seemed to take a liking to Tom and Dave the Laugh's friend Edward at the end of 'Luuurve is a Many Trousered Thing'. All round good egg.

Honourary bloke members of the Ace Gang

  • Dave the Laugh (Hornmeister) - A very close friend of Georgia, who makes her, and everyone else for that matter, laugh. He was once her boyfriend, but only to make Robbie (the Sex God) jealous. They are also occasionally snogging partners. Dave is referred to as Georgia's Horn Adviser when she suffers from red bottomosity - see slang column - in later books and helps her out with relationship troubles. Famously said he would like to be a girl so he could look at his nunga-nungas all day. Louise Rennison once said that she was thinking of letting him and Geogia get together.
  • Tom Jennings - Robbie (the Sex God)'s younger brother and boyfriend of Jas. Actually, as boys go, not entirely mad.
  • Sven - Rosie's extremely tall boyfriend who has limited English and scares almost everyone he comes into contact with. From Reindeer Land (possibly). None of the Ace Gang are quite sure where he is from—not even his girlfriend. Described by Georgia as 'half reindeer, half fool' and 'spectacularly mad'. Owns many pairs of ludicrous flared trousers, including ones that have flashing lights down the seams, and at least one pair of furry shorts.

Trainee members of the Ace Gang

  • Honor and Soph - Coming along nicely. Already involved in the snot disco inferno and the hilarious putting of a skeleton dressed as Mr. Attwood in his hut.

The Rest

  • Mr. Bob Nicolson a.k.a. Vati - Long-suffering father of Georgia: once lived in New Zealand, and has a ridiculous beard. He enjoys acting in mysterious ways, whilst still being a strict parent at times, and sometimes acts like Il Ministrone. He is also part of a football team that he put together with a few of his other lardy friends, even though none of them are physically fit.
  • Mrs. Connie Nicolson a.k.a. Mutti - Long-suffering mother of Georgia, with rather large nunga-nungas. Georgia mentions that her mother has no 'moral code', as she is always flirting with men.
  • Robbie 'The Sex God' Jennings - Idol of affection for Georgia/first proper love. Used to be the lead singer of the Stiff Dylans until he moved to New Zealand and therefore had to leave the band. He does come back from New Zealand in the book 'Luuurve is a Many Trousered Thing' and shows likings for Georgia, but Georgia's affections have by then been transferred to Masimo, who replaced Robbie in the Stiff Dylans. He is described as extremely good-looking, and has black hair and very blue eyes.
  • Mark Big Gob - The second person Georgia kissed. He once rested his hand on her nunga-nunga and she didn't know why. He smokes and once got into a crazy fight with The Stiff Dylans, Robbie's/Masimo's band, during a dance. He also has a huge mouth, hence the name Mark Big Gob. He enjoys dating very short girls.
  • Rollo - Friend of Tom and Dave the Laugh. Currently going out with Jools.
  • Whelk Boy (Peter Dyer) - The first person Georgia kissed, but she broke up with him because he kept going straight into kissing her, and not letting her talk. She also disliked his kissing style, although she did originally go to him for kissing lessons. He is nicknamed 'Whelk boy' because his kissing style reminded Georgia of a whelk, i.e a slimy and generally unpleasant shellfish.
  • Libby (Liberty) - Georgia's young, supposedly adorable sister who thinks Georgia is half girl/half cat and sometimes refers to her as 'Bad boy' and 'Gingey'. Libby is not potty trained yet and pees and poos everywhere inside, or outside, the house. She also uses bathroom humour frequently when she is talking and had a friend named Josh at kindy. Josh was eventually banned from playing at Libby's house by his mother because Libby gave him a haircut with a bread knife and drew on his face with indelible ink.
  • Uncle Eddie - Georgia's loony, bald uncle. Later in the series it is noted that he has become somewhat of a male stripper for women's parties (the 'baldy-o-gram'), and is very popular at it. He is shown to be insane, but nice, with a terrible sense of humor.
  • Herr Kamyer - Teacher of German and Physics. Georgia notes, 'He has the double comedic value of being both German and the only male teacher in an all girls school.' He once had malaria and now twitches when he speaks. He has awful dress sense, and dithers when he talks, like Ellen.
  • Gorgey Henri - Groovy-looking French student teacher featured in some books.
  • Madame Slack - French teacher at Georgia's school.
  • Ms. 'Slim' Simpson - Overweight headmistress of Georgia's school. Known for her rolls of fat and all-over jelloidnosity.
  • 'Hawkeye' Heaton - A horrible teacher at Georgia's school. She has had it in for the Ace Gang ever since Georgia let out the locusts in the biology lab.
  • Miss Stamp a.k.a. Adolfa - Physical Education teacher known for suspicious (most likely lesbian) interactions with her students. Also teaches Maths.
  • Wet Lindsay - Robbie's ex-girlfriend, whom Georgia hates. She is a rival to Georgia in terms of boys, and she has been known to have had certain relations with Robbie and Masimo. At Stalag 14, she has a role as a Prefect, and later head girl, but abuses this power to torment Georgia, her friends, and first formers. She is noted for her insect-stick legs, sticky-up nose, sticky-out ears, goggly eyes and small forehead. She puts 'chicken fillets' in her bra, so it appears that she has a small bust and is self-conscious about it.
  • Astonishingly Dim Monica (ADM) - Wet Linsdsay's best friend and fellow prefect
  • Nauseating Pamela (P.) Green - A girl in school who breeds hamsters and wears large glasses. Georgia makes fun of her, but also defends her from the Bummers (see below). She has a large forehead and is described as fat.
  • The Bummer Twins (Alison and Jackie) - Tarty and common girl bullies from Georgia's school who always smoke and wear a lot of make-up. They get expelled for shoplifting.
  • Elvis Attwood - The grumpy caretaker at Georgia's school, called Elvis because he once threw his back out while dancing.
  • Dr. John Gilhooley a.k.a. Dr. Clooney - The gorgeous and kind male doctor Georgia's mum has a crush on.
  • Angus - Georgia's Scottish half wild cat. Likes to kill things and then hide them in Georgia's bed as presents. He is the size of a small Labrador dog, and has tabby fur.
  • Naomi - Angus' love kitten. She is a pure-bred Burmese cat, and was regularly entered in cat shows before she had Angus' kittens. Her name is not actually Naomi and the books never explain what her real name is.
  • Gordy - Angus' son/Libby's pet. His parents are Angus and Naomi. Is cross-eyed, and likes to wrestle his own tail.
  • Masimo 'The Luuurve God' Scarlotti - Italian-American singer. He becomes Georgia's new idol of affection after Robbie goes to New Zealand.
  • Call Me Arnold - The Vicar that attempts to make the Church more modern. He has extremely light blonde hair, that reminds Georgia of an albino.
  • Dom - Member of The Stiff Dylans
  • Chris - Member of The Stiff Dylans
  • Ben - Member of The Stiff Dylans
  • Miss Wilson - A jittery teacher at Georgia's school. She teaches R.E. (Religious Education) and English. She has a peculiar dress sense, and bobbed hair.